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This exploit loads payloads in PLD (.bin) format on PS5 firmware 4.03. Other firmwares and payload formats are NOT supported.

ps5-kstuff is supported on 3.00, 3.20, 3.21, 4.00, 4.02, 4.03, 4.50, 4.51, download it and use another host if you are not on 4.03.

  1. Click on the link that says JB+NETCAT. In about 20 seconds you'll get a popup saying "waiting for payloads". This means that everything has gone well. You can then send your payload to TCP port 9019.
    If something went wrong during the process, you may get an alert saying "Jailbreak failed! Reboot your PS5 and try again.". In this case you must reboot your PS5, preferrably without closing the dialog box.
    If the system hangs for more than a minute (may require more time on slow Internet connections), reboot your PS5 and try again.
    If the system crashes (looks like instant powerdown), press the power button on the PS5 (NOT on the gamepad) until it turns on again, then retry.
  2. You can load ps5-kstuff (a partial HEN for PS4 fake packages) by clicking JB+KSTUFF instead. Everything above applies. Note that PS4 homebrews that use direct kernel access (kexec) are not supported and will not work using this payload. You can also download the payload for manual sending here.

This exploit does crash and hang. Sometimes you even have to retry 10 times to get the jailbreak.

Credits: @theflow for vulnerability disclosure, @ChendoChap for userland CFI bypass, @SpecterDev & @ChendoChap for various help, @cheburek3000 for the physmem access technique.